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Covering Dreams at PSX 2017 - Dreambubble Plans

Discussion in 'News' started by hyperdude95, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. hyperdude95

    hyperdude95 Dreamer Staff Member


    Can you believe it?

    This Saturday, the 9th of December, Dreams is going to be shown at PSX with its very own booth, a panel, a meetup and a game jam!

    Fortunately ourselves and other incredible folks from the community are going to be there covering straight from the showfloor!

    Without further or do, we would like to announce our plans to you and we will try our best to accomplish them!

    New Team Members!

    Along with myself on the showfloor, I am extremely excited to announce Sarah (@Pookachoo) is going to be helping me cover all things PSX from the dreambubble twitter account live from the showfloor as well! With double the power, we can cover more for you as well as get more specific questions asked and such that you want! Welcome to the social team Sarah!

    Aside from the show floor, we would like to announce that @BLAHBLAH1000 is going to livetweet straight from home so everything that is shown through the official feeds will be live tweeted on as well! Welcome Blah!

    That's not all! While it may get potentially busy on the forum side, I would like to announce two new moderators who will be keeping a lookout on the forum!

    Please give a warm welcome to @QuietlyWrong and @Yonderland!

    Give them a shout if you need them and also report anything that needs reporting!


    Along with official Media Molecule streaming Dreams and so forth, we will also be streaming as well through periscope as a second screen experience! Whenever the cameras are down, we will try to be up as well showing you angles you won't see!

    We are also planning some fun activities and interviews as well, so we are going to do our best giving you a great BTS experience!

    Meanwhile, if you have periscope, please follow us on Periscope in the meantime! https://www.pscp.tv/BubbleDreaming/follow

    Dreambubble Podcast Dreams PSX 2017 edition!

    With the help from @sackinima, we are going to be doing another dreambubble podcast PSX edition! Because of Moley's help, he is kind enough for us to use his equipment! Thank you buddy.  <3

    'Meet the Molecules' meet up interview!

    At 7pm on Saturday, MM is going to having a meet-up at their booth! At the meetup there will be a community-led interview, which includes us! We will be asking questions along with other community folks from the community about what they revealed at PSX! If this is not streamed, we will try to stream it from periscope as well!

    PSX Mega Thread

    Of course, no big event is going to be done without a huge mega thread with all the updates and news from the community. This is where you the ever so awesome community come in and post all the news that you see! In the end of each PSX day I am going to go through everything and make a recap so it will look official! This thread is going to go up on Friday, so please be on the lookout for that!

    PSX Dreambubble viewing party!

    If you want to celebrate Dreams at PSX with others, Dreambubble is the place to be! We are going to a section on the site where you can watch everything AND chat in our forum chat with others as well without having to change pages! It's great right!? We will post links to the appropiate places soon!

    Where to find us and others!

    Keep track of all things Dreams at PSX by following these accounts on twitter:


    Stay tuned for official updates at mediamolecule.com as well!
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  2. sackchief

    sackchief Imaginative Creator

    @hyperdude95 the Dreambubble Twitter mentioned you guys need help with gif image making.  I’m somewhat of a digital artist and I could certainly help out with that just so you know.
    hyperdude95 likes this.
  3. hyperdude95

    hyperdude95 Dreamer Staff Member

    Hi! Thank you for that! If you want to make gifs just tweet them at dreambubble and we will do our best to spread the word!
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  4. I’m so excited for this weekend! :gasp:
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  5. QuietlyWrong

    QuietlyWrong Waiting for sleep

    Thanks Dan!

    7pm over there is what... 3am over here? No way I'll be up for that. :(

    Does Periscope do recording or is it purely live streams?
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  6. hyperdude95

    hyperdude95 Dreamer Staff Member

    I believe we can archive recordings! I can check!

  7. Your organisation is unsurpassed Hyper!
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  8. Godspeed to ALL of the good peeps working to bring us all the info from this most AWESOME event! It's gonna be info overload! Seriously having trouble sleeping/too hyped to sleep!
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  9. Cosheeta

    Cosheeta Some kind of title

  10. What time will the live stream start :) ?

    Im so excited for this weekend :D!!!
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  11. Hahaha NO! i cant!
    Feels like some sort of fever dream, actually getting closer.

    Yea that sounds so good, like some premium-gold-elite feature that you would normally have to pay for. lol

    Holy olympic banana YES it does!
    (is that holympic? o_O)
    Thats the kind of dreams stream party that i want. all there in one nice place to watch and discuss together.

    From me also a big thank you to hyperdude for pulling off all this awesome community work. There wouldnt be a dreambubble if it werent for him.
    And best of luck for the new team members also. may you all be blessed with as little reported content as possible.
  12. As I said on Twitter, I'll be there as well, and will be happy to help in any way you guys need.  I'll also be taking my own stills and video, which I'll be happy to make available to you for non-live content after I get home that night.
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  13. Great job on the coverage, guys.  You always had the best bean bags!  And thanks for the coverage of the meetup.  I'm glad I still got to see that.
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  14. hyperdude95

    hyperdude95 Dreamer Staff Member

    Thanks for stopping by!

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