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Dreambubble Podcast: Episode 7

Discussion in 'Podcast' started by DreamBubble, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. headphones_podcast.png

    In our latest dreambubble podcast episode, Sanna, Klara, Dan, and Shane about a variety of content where keeping a list of everything we talk about isn't possible because there was so much! We also answer questions from the community (which was one guy). Enjoy!

  2. BLAHBLAH1000

    BLAHBLAH1000 The advocate for Fuzzy

    I'm just gunna make comments while I listen:
    - Watching people draw is great. I watch a lot of livestreamers on Twitch do it! (shoutout to my livestream thread)
    - I think Unraveled was OK. The art and graphics are really good but I didn't like the gameplay much :/
    - "Someone will probably make Tearaway." Maybe someone like SHANE!
    - LBPK is going too, awkward. I'm guessing this was recorded before that announcement.
    - If Danny gave me admin rights this site would fuzzybubble.me
    - I've learned more from Vsauce than my actual science class.
    - It would be great if Dreams had it's own social media site!
    - LBP3 beta is NOT a good example of a beta because half the bugs are still in the game :/
    - Things need time?! That's ridiculous!
    - It would be hilarious if they made a generic COD story.
    - Definitely doesn't feel that long ago since the first demo. I still remember people complaining about it being about "playing with dolls".
    - If Media Molecule was an indie dev then they may not have been as popular as they are now. A lot of money and resources go into these polished AAA games which is much harder for a small team to achieve. As an example, the LBP games would have graphics that look like the original Radgoll Kung-Fu. Yeah, not very good. If anything I'm glad that Mm is a AAA company because they are spreading creativity throughout the gaming community. Seeing how games like Project Spark and Disney Infinity fell apart, Mm may be our last hope for AAA games dedicated to user generated content.
    - X-Box 360 online was better than PS3's, but PS4 online is better than the X-Box One's.
    - I played LBP3 with my 5yo cousin last month. She did pretty well but the DS4 controller was very confusing for her. If I had Dreams booted up and gave her a move controller, I think she would instantly be able to paint and have a more enjoyable time.
    - I will refuse to call logic "Gadgets".
    - I would play The Tomorrow Children if they got rid of the slide puzzles.
    - Age restriction discussion?! Shoutout to the Mature Game thread!
    - I don't like pickles or gherkins :p
    - I'm with Danny, experimentation will be my "first creation".
    - I've made a lot of videos/presentations for school with LBP. I only assume I'll do it a lot more with Dreams!
    - Does a bite count as a teeth-lick? In that case 1.
    - I'm not gunna buy a 3D printer but I do plan on using one with Dreams!
    - I bought two move controllers, so I guess I'll be using them!
    - When I get depressed I play some of my old childhood games with a bucket of candy next to me.
    - I hope you will be able to reply to comments. That was a huge issue with the LBP games.
    - Dreams 4 Dreams
    - I got into twitter VERY late into LBP2. I wish I got there earlier!
    - LBP1 story was the best.
    - I remember seeing the Took It All Away LBP2 music video and instantly loving the sequel.
    - Soundtrack for Dreams: Hardcore Pirate Viking Death Metal.
    - I watched E3 live for the past 4 years.
    - 10/10 would Brian questions again!
    - BYE!
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  3. hyperdude95

    hyperdude95 Dreamer Staff Member

    1. The day I let you be admin, is the day you can make that happen. :)

    2. Im slowly gaining the urge to try it....

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