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Dreambubble - Year 1 Recap!

Discussion in 'News' started by hyperdude95, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. hyperdude95

    hyperdude95 Dreamer Staff Member

    Hooray! It has been officially one year since we launched dreambubble.me on the internet. Over the amazing 12 months, dreambubble has been a home for folks to discuss and share their love for Media Molecule's Dreams!

    We couldn't have asked for a better community to be with, here are some fascinating stats to recognize some incredible community achievements!

    What We Achieved in Year 1
    Members registered: 333​
    •     Within the first day, over 50 people have signed up to our site and from then on it just kept growing!​
    Forum Threads: 421

    Forum Posts: 3,189

    Most Users in the Chat Simultaneously: 24

    Emotes Made by the Community: 78

    Spammers Banned: 100

    Sites Challenges: 4

    Create Challenges: 1

    Podcast Episodes: 8

    Members in our PlayStation 4 Community: 455

    Pretty interesting, huh? Now let's take a look of how the year went in more detail by re-visiting the cool stuff we did in the past months!

    August 2015
    Aug 25th - we held a quick private beta that lasted a couple of hours to see how the site will handle and then launched later that day!

    September 2015

    Sept 24th - Our first ever site challenge Let Your Dreamoji was announced where we tasked folks to create their own emotes to this site! We loved them all so much, we added them all in! The Results of Let Your Dreamoji can be found here!

    October 2015

    Oct 3rd - We created a PS4 community page for Dreambubble! Learn more about it here!

    Oct 4th - Site Challenge 2: Working Title was announced! This was by far the most popular challenge we did this year as we tasked folks to come up with a name for the Dreams engine itself!

    Media Molecule was so awesome and supportive of this challenge, they hoped on board the judging panel to be a part of the fun and to make the winning engine name official with the name of the winner and the engine making an appearance in Dreams' credits. :D

    Check it out the results here and the official post here!

    Oct 23rd - We officially announced our podcast and released the first episode right before Media Molecule's livestream started!  Episode 1 can be found here.

    Oct 27th - The day of Paris Games Week where Sony held their conference and Media Molecule showed off Dreams Gameplay! There was so much info, we made a mega thread to show everything off!

    Oct 31st - To celebrate the joyful spooks of Halloween, we cooked up an awesome theme to celebrate it!​

    November 2015
    Nov 7th - Episode 2 of our podcast was announced where community member Stampy joined in on the fun and talked Dreams with us! You can listen to it here!

    Nov 23rd - Site Challenge 3 the musical was announced where the community made a song about Dreams together and @mr_krispy_kreme sang it with music from @ApparentlyShane! Check out the masterpiece here!

    December 2015

    Dec 5th and 6th - The Playstation Experience 2015 kicked off in San Francisco and our very own @hyperdude53 flew out to see the awesome folks of Media Molecule at the event. He appearing in a couple of the livestreams and also did a couple of interviews about Dreams based on questions from the community!

    Check out his journey here and our interview with Alex Evans about Dreams here!

    Jan 4th - We celebrated Media Molecule's 10th Birthday by making them a community montage spreading their birthday cheer!​
    Jan 14th - We had a Playstation Experience 2015 edition of our podcast with Ben and Sarah (pookachoo) as guests! Check out episode 3 here!​

    February 2016
    Feb 8th - Site Challenge 4: Valiant Valentines launched with an aim to get community-created valentines day cards for Media Molecule! Learn more about it here!

    Feb 14th - Love was in the air, and we filled dreambubble with it by creating a valentines day theme!

    Feb 28th - Episode 4 of our podcast was launched where we our guests glitchfish, blockbuster, and xtrophx join in on the fun. :D Check it out here!​

    March 2016

    Mar 5th - We created a community playlist on spotify where folks can suggest songs for people to listen to while playing Dreams! Check out the playlist and how to recommend songs for it as well, here!​

    April 2016

    April 11th - Our very first create challenge ReDream It was launched where people created dream-based creations in other User Generated Content supported games! Check out the amazing creations here!

    April 22nd, 23rd, 24th - Pax East 2016 happened in Boston where @hyperdude53 organized a meet up with Jenny from Media Molecule and Spaff from Doublefine which was a really awesome success! So many Dreams fans were there from the community and it was awesome to meet them all!

    Pax East 2016 Edition was also recorded during this weekend where we had Andrew from DCG cast and Jenny from Media Molecule on! Jenny was so cool to do a Dreams interview with us as well!  Check it out here!
    May 2016

    May 31st - We had some of the lovely folks of Media Molecule join us on our podcast! Straight from their studio, Luci, Amy, and Naomi joined us in our 1 hour Media Molecule edition! Listen to it here!​

    June 2016

    Jun 7th - We attempted to contact the one and only shuei to appear on our podcast so we can talk about the awesomeness of Dreams together! Sadly it didn't go to well, but we are still proud of our video message!​

    July 2016

    July 17th - Episode 7 of our Podcast Launched with @ApparentlyShane and @artbyklara as guests! You can listen to it here!
    August 2016

    August 14th - Episode 8 of our podcast launched with our special guest Wertandrew from the Project Spark Community! Check it out here!

    August 25th - We celebrate our one year with a bunch of awesome wallpapers, announcement of dreambubble community game nights, and more!

    A BIG THANK YOU to ALL of you who made this year amazing! We love this community so much, here's to our second year!

    Last edited: Aug 25, 2016
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  2. BLAHBLAH1000

    BLAHBLAH1000 The advocate for Fuzzy

    Great recap! My highlight for the year was that Pax meetup. I met a bunch of new friends and had great videogame discussions! Cheers to next year!

    (also thanks for banning those 100 spammers. If you didn't we would have muscle building and breast implant ads everywhere XP)
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  3. In night i was viewing PSX on YT for Dreams PSX, but missed.
  4. I can only imagine how big this site will get once the game actually launches! :cool:
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