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Dreams FAQ

Discussion in 'Dreams Discussion' started by Moleynator, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Moleynator

    Moleynator Resident fart bubble


    I tried to sum up some of the main questions people have about Dreams in one place. It can be difficult to find this information without trawling through Twitter and other sources.

    Do you think I missed anything? Is everything clear? It'd be good to get some feedback!
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  2. sackchief

    sackchief Imaginative Creator

    Definitely a question I’ve seen is just how much space do we have to create.  Don’t think Mm ever answered this.
  3. Alex said in a stream "We don't impose any geometric limits" and that there is no limit on how far apart you can space things.
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  4. does the sculpting in Dreams operate using typical polygon modelling or is it some other more advanced system?
  5. sackchief

    sackchief Imaginative Creator

    Oh really?  I’m interested in seeing how far the game can be pushed.
  6. Alex mentioned in his Umbra talk that for the game, space is actually only created around objects. So if you put two objects very far apart from each other, there will only be 'space' in the immedeate radius of those objects. for the game, all that space in between object A and B doesnt exist. So yea... i imagine the scale itself to be somewhere around.... infinite

    That is also a good question that alex answers in his Umbra talk. Its very interesting, because he tells us of their journey to finding the perfect engine and art style. In short, its not polygons, its splats.

    have a look at the mentioned talk he held at Umbra Ignite.
    Its rather technical and more from a developer point of view, but I think everyone can take away a thing or two. (he also shows a small animated sequence as well as some examples of how animations in objects could look like)

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