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Dreams FAQ

Discussion in 'Dreams Discussion' started by Moleynator, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Moleynator

    Moleynator Resident fart bubble


    I tried to sum up some of the main questions people have about Dreams in one place. It can be difficult to find this information without trawling through Twitter and other sources.

    Do you think I missed anything? Is everything clear? It'd be good to get some feedback!
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  2. sackchief

    sackchief Imaginative Creator

    Definitely a question I’ve seen is just how much space do we have to create.  Don’t think Mm ever answered this.
  3. Alex said in a stream "We don't impose any geometric limits" and that there is no limit on how far apart you can space things.
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  4. does the sculpting in Dreams operate using typical polygon modelling or is it some other more advanced system?
  5. sackchief

    sackchief Imaginative Creator

    Oh really?  I’m interested in seeing how far the game can be pushed.
  6. Alex mentioned in his Umbra talk that for the game, space is actually only created around objects. So if you put two objects very far apart from each other, there will only be 'space' in the immedeate radius of those objects. for the game, all that space in between object A and B doesnt exist. So yea... i imagine the scale itself to be somewhere around.... infinite

    That is also a good question that alex answers in his Umbra talk. Its very interesting, because he tells us of their journey to finding the perfect engine and art style. In short, its not polygons, its splats.

    have a look at the mentioned talk he held at Umbra Ignite.
    Its rather technical and more from a developer point of view, but I think everyone can take away a thing or two. (he also shows a small animated sequence as well as some examples of how animations in objects could look like)

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  7. From what I've seen, there will be ways to optimize your content so that world size is absolutely not a concern.  From what they've show already, areas can be quite massive, and that was way before the optimization they've surely done in the meantime.
    Regarding the renderer, it appears to be a splat/voxel hybrid, so volumes not vertices. Also a lot of shader tricks to vary the surfaces of those volumes. From what they've shown, you can run into some problems when you scale WAY UP, but you'd have to start tiny, and blow a thing up to ridiculous proportions.  Easy solution to that is to make things fairly large when you want a fairly large thing in your scene rather than blow up something tiny.
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  8. QuietlyWrong

    QuietlyWrong Waiting for sleep

    Hi Moley, looks like a good list of questions (and answers!) to me!

    With respect to Move controllers, I think you should point out that if you want to use Move, you will need two Move controllers*. Also the 'PlayStation Eye' camera was for PS3 and absolutely won't work (don't use the word 'Eye'); you DO need the PS4-specific 'PlayStation Camera'.

    I've seen people ask about 'PS3 Move controllers' though, and, because it causes optimum confusion, unlike the camera, Move controllers bought for a PS3 are the same as those currently sold for the PS4 and will be fine.

    * because I've seen nothing on it, I'll assume that one Move plus one DS4 is not an option.
  9. sackchief

    sackchief Imaginative Creator

    Speaking of peripherals, I wonder if the navigation controller works with the game.  That device seems to be totally abandoned.
  10. QuietlyWrong

    QuietlyWrong Waiting for sleep

    I still have my navi controllers. But I think the fact that Sony sells Move controllers in pairs nowadays tells you all you need to know.

    As with LBP, I expect if you wanted to you could use logic to create Dreams that work well with the navi controller.
  11. Moleynator

    Moleynator Resident fart bubble

    Thanks for your comments! I've updated the post to clarify PS Move compatibility and also a couple of the technical questions at the end. I've done my best to explain them succinctly, but let me know if they are clear enough... or correct. :p
  12. QuietlyWrong

    QuietlyWrong Waiting for sleep

    A couple of potential FAQs I haven't seen answered yet are whether Dreams will support higher resolutions (PS4 Pro?), HDR, that sort of thing...

    Could PS4 Pro split the community - making some levels playable with Pro only? (I suppose like PS4 vs PS3 LBP3).
  13. Moleynator

    Moleynator Resident fart bubble

    All I've seen are discussions from community members. Nothing from Mm so I wouldn't want to guess anything yet! Something we can ask at PSX. :)
  14. QuietlyWrong

    QuietlyWrong Waiting for sleep

    Looks like the VGA trailer answers the HDR / 4K-Pro question, at least partially. XD
  15. Zackimi

    Zackimi Embrace your dreams

    A bit of a weird question maybe, but I'll ask anyway. They said that whenever someone uses one of your designs in their dream, your name will be credited. Will the person be able to edit your work? If so, will both the designer and editor be mentioned? They could make the slightest change in an attempt to claim it as their own creation. Like, a slight color change that is hardly noticable.

    Is it possible to have an NPC befriend/follow you in your dream, so you can basically keep interacting with it, or will it only be able to give you a quest and hang around in one specific spot? Would you have to make duplicates of the NPC so it can give you various quests and appear in other areas or can a single one join you and complete tasks with you as a sort of ally? Diablo 3 would be a good example, you have a follower who aids you in battle and randomly starts a conversation with you.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2017
  16. It sounds like they're doing something similar to lineage in Project Spark, and Project Spark's lineage remained intact if someone else altered your content.  By these means, I got credit for my content being in literally thousands of worlds.

    Alex said you'll be able to get about as deep and complex with logic as you like.  What you're talking about is likely possible.  There is already logic in the LBP series to cause things to follow other things. You should be able to create a single instance of any object and simply move it around as you need it.  Overall, it sounds like a fairly complex character, so it may be a bit of work to piece together something like that.
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  17. Yea, as Lucid Stew mentioned, you could already do such things with lbp.
    I like to tell of one of my best unintentional logic creations in lbp. I had no inspiration what to create, so someone told me to make a flying pet. I made a hovering circle thing with decorative wings attached that follows you. a pet bat if you will.
    But then it should also be able to get tired and need to sleep, then you had to feed it, at some point it even had affection towards you, depending on how you treated it.
    So before I myself knew it, i had already made some tamagotchi like thing. And that was bascally just jamming. With the new power of dreams and a set goal in mind, i have absolutely zero doubt you'll be able to create exactly what you have described.
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  18. Zackimi

    Zackimi Embrace your dreams

    Thank you two! That sounds very promising. I didn't even know Dreams was in development until last weekend. I've watched all their video's, my mind is blown with all the possibilities. I truly can't wait to get creative with this game!

    Nikidan, that tamagotchi thing sounds awesome. I hope I'll be able to pull off something similiar! <3
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