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Discussion in 'News' started by hyperdude95, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. hyperdude95

    hyperdude95 Dreamer Staff Member

    It's official!

    At the video game awards, Media Molecule showed off the Dreams Story trailer with a release!

    At the end it stated that the release is 2018!

    Here is the story trailer in case you missed it!
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2017
  2. fireblitz95

    fireblitz95 Lazily Dreaming..

    Yes! I’m so excited! :D
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  3. My hype can no longer be contained. Just.......so........EXCITED!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!

    So many awesome creations in that trailer to talk about, infinite potential community creations possible...

    So looking forward to not only creating stuff, but also playing the insanely creative dreams the folks at Mm and the community will have to offer.
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  4. Hopefully find out when in 2018 on Saturday.  Seems Xmas time is logical.  Perhaps beta is just around the corner.
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  5. If they leave us with just this and dont tell us about a beta during psx, im just gonna forget about this game again for a while. I could care less about the story.
  6. Vilkacis

    Vilkacis Indecisive Dreamer

    About time !! The game still looks amazing I can not wait!!
  7. I'm so excited I can't wait for Saturday omg!

    I really hope they give us a release date soon and hope we find out when will get s beta :D!!! I can't believe it's coming out in 2018!!!
  8. Looking forward to audio and logic from PSX.

    Playstation Access (youtube channel who visited MM recently) tells that you can upload sound files via an external app, in addition to recording audio with your ps camera or headset. Yay! But I am looking forward to the performance-based audio tools, they sound fun.

    The trailer got my heart racing again, even though I'm not very interested in the campaign. I'm almost hoping the PSX presentation will be underwhelming, so i don't get sucked into the hype again. I might not survive yet another year of hype. :D Still getting the game though, and have lots of projects i want to use dreams for!
  9. QuietlyWrong

    QuietlyWrong Waiting for sleep

    I've got a tense, uncomfortable feeling in my chest... What is that? ...Yes, there's excitement, but also fear. Fear of utter information overload! It's too much to take in! Argh!

  10. Servilleta

    Servilleta nuke me slowly

    I want the beta for yesterday!

    It looks really awesome. I'm super hyped.
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  11. Oh god, scary that you say that. because yesterday, for the first time ever, i was anxious about dreams.
    I had all those ideas but at the same time... i feel like im limiting myself with those set ideas. Of course i will create other things as well, but again, yesterday i had this very very strange feeling of dreams as this behemoth of a create tool.
    I know they aim to make it as accessible as possible. But its overwhelming just thinking about it.
    Im thinking of it like Photoshop or Excel... What person on earth has ever used one of these programs to their FULL! extent?
    Its starting to get intimidating :0

    Also: release 2018? No reason to get excited. that could mean anything. nothing to see here, move along.
  12. Dude this is insane
    this game is too awesome for to be even existing

    LBP really made us comfortable with the idea of creating stuff and WHOA
    This game will be mindblowing
    I don't even have the right words to say

    I just want to scre-
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  13. The possibilities of sound and music creation alone are off the charts.  I think of some of the things we did in Project Spark and we really just scratched the surface, but we had a lot of fun doing it.  Servilleta a couple of posts up made a game and asked me to do some voice acting in it.  Think about pulling in pieces of music from everywhere or writing a cutscene and wrangling all your friends to do voice work on it.  And they could be half way across the world!  I'm in North America, Servilleta is in Europe!  There are 3 guys from PS community that are indie devs making real games for the mobile market.  They're from Britain, Switzerland, and Greece.  The collaborative possibilities are nuts.
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  14. QuietlyWrong

    QuietlyWrong Waiting for sleep

    It's certainly clear that the much of the best UGC is likely to come from collaborations of folks with different skills.

    Perhaps folks can have a think of the best ways for collaborative teams to come together and share their ideas!
  15. One problem is that a lot of people will want to do everything themselves.  Though, as you say, the very best content is likely to come from dedicated teams.  There are aspects of that which can be frustrating, though.  Acting as lead isn't as much about making games as it is managing their construction, and that starts feeling more like a job than fun sometimes.  On the flip side, if you're the dedicated art person and your team decides they'd like you to sculpt a dozen rocks for use in your levels, that sounds a bit tedious as well.  Plus life happens.  Let's say someone gets a new job and is extra busy, or someone has a final coming up, or a baby, or car accident or whatever, and all the sudden that person can't do anything for you, but they've been allocated things to that REALLY need to get done and there's no ready replacement...
  16. For anyone that missed it, Dreams beta was confirmed for sometime between now and release last night. :D
  17. QuietlyWrong

    QuietlyWrong Waiting for sleep

    There are advantages to wanting to do everything yourself - it means when you're getting bored of rocks, you can spend some time on music (or pick your own example) but few of us have the talent to create something great in every aspect. Not that you need to to make something worthwhile.

    But perhaps there could be boards here where the keen artists could gather and advertise their services; same for musicians, level-builders, logicians...? Make it easy to find someone willing and able to do those tasks you know you'll struggle with. The asset-level sharing in Dreams is going to be monumentally powerful for sharing but could be overwhelming if you're just looking for something to fit your current scene so we need keen curators too!
  18. The excellent collaborative capabilities will make finding assets easier, and as you say, active community members will be very helpful.  Lucky for us, we can already see that lots of people care enough to make that effort.  Now that I think of it, working on the art end on a multi-user project may be as much about creating assets as it is finding them.
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  19. The beta will release in 2018 also. And i believe Greg said to Shuhei (in a panel after that of Dreams) that they accidentally said the game was comming out spring 2018
  20. Tyler

    Tyler Dreamer Staff Member

    Probably looking at 31 Dec 2018 :p
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