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Dreams Project: Europa Descent

Discussion in 'Media' started by Fahran1979, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Europa Descent: Crashed Lander - sketch 1.02
    image_234 (1).jpg
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  2. Do you have any plans for actual in-game camera angles and how it would look etc. ?
    These screens are all very cool but i find it hard to imagine what it would look like in-game :D
  3. Yup Leeen, see the 3rd post in this thread for a scene by scene breakdown including cameras used (cinematic/1st and 3rd person/side scrolling etc)
  4. Update: I will be publishing a concept sketch for the crashed top segment of the ship + additional interior shots. Once that's complete I will begin work on topography sketches showing the surface layout/hazards/features and flow/pathing.
    I'm meeeting with a writer for drinks later this week and we will start work on the script (leaning towards 3-4 alternate endings with divergent script paths depending on which physical path the player chooses)
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  5. Europa Descent: Sub Launch - sketch 1.01

    1431x1200 Res: http://fav.me/dc17dvg

    After testing a few background styles it looks like I will need 3-4 independent layers to achieve the depth I'm aiming for in Dreams.
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  6. New team member, author Lucas Thorn has joined as lead writer / we're taking the narrative in a different direction and the story now branches with multiple endings based on player choices.
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  7. I'm glad we have seen multiple materials in recent demos, well in so far as you having the ability to adjust sliders to change texture finish, matt/gloss/metallic etc. For this project thats enough for me, ideally having opacity would be great for ice but that would be too system/thermometer heavy when used extensivly.

  8. Started sketching out the first Alien Megastructure (Note: Recent changes in the story now includes two alien species) this Image still has a fair way to go (need to add texture/lighting) but I'm happy with the shape now (was aiming for a Jellyfish form) - I will post the finished piece later this week.
  9. So to be clear, this all seems incredible and my best wishes on all work towards it, but are you looking for more people to fit those positions?
  10. Yup we're currently recruiting. Picked up a writer last week. The team will remain small until beta/launch when we can assess skills and commitment however if your portfolio or past week aligns we may be interested. :)
  11. Reworked the Alien city from white > blue bio luminescence tonight:

  12. The team expanded again this week::

    - Director: David Mills | Fahran1979 | Portfolio
    - Lead Writer: Lucas Thorn | TBA | Portfolio
    - Audio Design: Fernando Farías | Fer741 | Portfolio
    - Animation Lead: TBA
    - Environmental Artists: TBA
    - Character Artists: TBA

    ... added Fernando /Audio Design.
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  13. Launching - 13/02/2018

  14. Project website is live: https://www.mad-gfx.com
    Still needs some tweaks tonight but I'm happy with the structure now :)
  15. This is super interesting, I noticed there was a position for audio design? I love making music and love music in general, it's what I'm honestly most looking forward to in Dreams; the music, and learning how to use the tools. If you're looking specifically for a music design role I'd be glad to give it a shot, just let me know and we'll discuss. :)
  16. Highest effort community Dreams level incoming. Rather excited to see what it is going to turn into.

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