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Dreams Story Gameplay Video and Music Creation info.

Discussion in 'News' started by hyperdude95, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. hyperdude95

    hyperdude95 Dreamer Staff Member

    PS Access was at Media Molecule a while back and interviewed them about Dreams story and more about the game!

    Check out 30 minutes of them explaining what they saw!

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  2. Exciting stuff! I'm glad to see that all aspects of creation are getting as much attention as the modelling that we've been shown up until now.
    Now I'm just waiting to see their logic tools >:^)
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  3. Vilkacis

    Vilkacis Indecisive Dreamer

    Thanks for sharing the new footage was really cool
  4. i had a peek at it and i must say... i know that might sound stupid, but i dont want to get spoilered. All the story-looking stuff was just too good, i dont wanna see the majority from previews or trailers (thinking back to mgs5 :mad:)
    Even if it might 'only' be the story mode of dreams, i wanna preserve as much as possible for the actual play session, if that makes sense :)

    Will have a 'look' at it again with only the audio running. Such nice long video with loads of fresh information from what i gathered so far.

    Things are moving again!!! :DDD
  5. Still a year left to have your mind polluted by external media, but think how new it will all feel when you get your hands on it.  All that will melt away and you'll be left with the endless possibilities of what you can make.
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