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Dreams: The Four Year Wait

Discussion in 'Dreams Discussion' started by BLAHBLAH1000, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. BLAHBLAH1000

    BLAHBLAH1000 The advocate for Fuzzy

    Hey y'all!

    With the great news of Dreams appearing at PSX, I decided to take the time and explain the 4 year development of the game from a community member's point of view. There are still many people who haven't heard of the game so this video should inform those people about the Dreams history before it's big reveal next month. Hope you all enjoy!

  2. Ive been worried a bit about how late in the consoles life cycle this game is coming. Im really hoping the ps5 is years down the road. A new console could really stifle and splinter the player count in a community based game like this. Just a thought I had.
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  3. I'm not willing to make the assumption at this point that it's going to be on PS4.  PS5 can't be far away with the release of the XB1X.  I seriously doubt Sony would let MSFT have more than a year head start before matching.  And that sounds about right for Dreams release window, so...
  4. Sony sayed that PS5 IS far from release
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  5. I think it will be a few years before we see PS5,I think will see Dreams released in a few months with it being at PSX and Global Game Jam 2018 I don't think will have to wait much longer to play Dreams :).
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  6. "far" is highly subjective.  Historically, it's a very bad idea to give a competitor more than a 1 year lead in a given console cycle. I'm sure Sony is aware of this, and of course the Pro simply doesn't compare to the XB1X.  It's highly unlikely Dreams will be out soon.  Given the title's nature they will NEED a large beta to test it extensively before release.  This would be both to ensure that network features work as planned, and so that the Dreams engine is as bug-free as possible on the creation end.  If anything could sink the title, it would be bugs that keep people from being able to make what they want and share it.
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  7. sackchief

    sackchief Imaginative Creator

    Even if the PS5 comes out, I doubt it would hinder the PS4 fanbase.  The PS5 is most likely going to be running on the same servers and similar hardware and will likely be cross compatible with PS4s as well.  People still play LBP1 surprisingly.  A desolate wasteland full of slide race levels and FNAF costumes. *shudders*
  8. Servilleta

    Servilleta nuke me slowly

    I don´t think SONY will release PS5 before 2019 or even 2020. First, PS4 is selling really well and I am sure in SONY they remember what happened about Xbox 360 and the terrible launch of PS3. And PS4 Slim is selling much better than pro version.

    Second, PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are in the same league - it is clear that X is better (and more expensive, too) but in the end are the same. The difference between both machine´s performance is not much bigger than PS2 and 1st Xbox.

    Third, I don´t think SONY wants to "reward" their PRO customers announcing a new machine for the next year... maybe 2019 but even that would a bit too soon IMHO. I´m sure they know happened to SEGA and their sega CD, MD32x, saturn machines: PS4 Slim, PS4 pro, PS5, PSVR coexisting at the same time?

    And probably a niche game such Dreams is not the best companion for a new console. I would bet for Last of Us 2, which should be still very far from being finished and it´s a super hyped game.

    In Deecember we will know what´s the plan lol
  9. haha this has me spooked out as well.
    Hey why not try this new level? Its called Unnamed Level

    The PS3 is now 11 years old (wow) and still being supported. It was a solid time, but more importantly a long time until there was something new. same with ps1 and ps2. Sony just doesnt push a console every 4 years, its more like every 8.

    Okay i just had a look at the major playstation release dates

    Ps1: 1994
    Ps2: 2000
    Ps3: 2006
    Ps4: 2013

    So every time except with the 4 its been 6 years.
    Besides, in no way would i consider the Xb1x as the next generation. it has more power, yes. Thats not enough to warrant a new generation tho, since mostly everything else stayed the same.

    I dont see the Ps5 coming for a good time to come. Dreams is 100% going to be a Ps4 release.. dont get off the ground with this one
  10. Here's the thing: a console generation almost ALWAYS sells the best the year its successor is released!  A console selling poorly is not why manufacturers release a new console.  They do it because, historically, they're you're too far behind the cycle, they lose the cycle.  
    It's a stretch to say Pro and XB1X are in the same league, and that's coming from a Pro owner.  XB1X is more or less 4K capable.  Pro is kinda of like 1080p and a half.
    The performance difference between PS2 and Xbox was largely due to the PS2's quirky architecture and developer laziness rather than sheer power.
    I know I can't speak for all Pro owners, but I don't see my purchase as anything more than a PS4, since Sony has made it clear that there won't be Pro-exclusive content.  I would not be bother by a forthcoming PS5 release.  That is unless Dreams is a PS5 launch title which is incompatible with PS4, and I get completely burned on my Pro w/ PSVR purchase.  I have my fingers crossed here.  I'm actually hoping Dreams is NOT a PS5 launch title, but it's fun to stir the pot. ;)

    None of those is released more than a year later than its Xbox analog.
    At this point, consoles don't really need a lot more RAM or CPU power.  The majority of the upgrades will be on the GPU, and that's exactly what we've seen with the Pro and the XB1X.  The XB1X's GPU is about 4.5 times more powerful than the standard Xbox One.  More than ~3.3X the standard PS4.   That's a generational difference.  The Pro is a mid-generation bump.  XB1X is not.  Sony has catching up to do.  It's possible they'll wait 'til 2019, or 2020, sure.  However, if XB1X does well this Xmas, there will be a lot of pressure on Sony to match next Xmas, or fall behind.   On the other hand, Sony and MS may think the paradigm has shifted and will simply start iterating every year at some point, in which case "generations" become moot.  But being that there are still clearly delineated machines, I don't think we're there yet. And moreover, is the consumer there yet?  Maybe it will just work out like phones.  Maybe it will confuse everyone.  Maybe everyone will realize they're just being sold PCs that can't run productivity software.  Nothing is 100% at this point.  That's especially true with Dreams when you consider the beta was originally supposed to be a year ago, and they've said almost nothing in the intervening time.
  11. I dont think this is the case. I think most of where youre coming from is the consumer point of view. 'Xbox has a new iteration - sony must follow.' They dont. Just cause the competition upgrades their sh!t, doesnt mean anything.
    Such things arent decided on the basis of 'whens the last xbox come out? how much % is their GPU faster?'

    I can understand what you mean when you say that with such and such amount more power it could already be considered another gen. But again, I beg to differ.
    Sony will probably first and foremost check the financial point of view, this is really my uneducated guess, but lets be honest here. they rocked the sh!t even with their initial ps4, the crucual launch phase was absolutely dominated by ps4 sales.

    Microsoft wanting to catch up to that? yes
    Sony wanting to 'counter' that? I doubt it.

    The casual gamer thats undecisive and just wants to play probably wont care too much about the new specs. The word has been around, ps4 had a leap start, and we'll see how things turn out in the near future.

    I think you shouldnt associate xbox and ps4 releases too much with one another. They sure live together in some kind of weird symbiosis. But its not like one has to necessarily follow the other every step they go.

    In fear of derailing the thread:

    I only just recently got the chance to watch the video with sound. gotta say some nice summary of our way of suffering. also great bite sized info for MM to feel our pain hahahaaaaarrghhhh :((
    I like the chronology and how you mention the communities feelings after an event or announcement. great stuff, looking forward to you sliding into frame on a transparency foil covered bed when dreams launched.
    thats sure as hell my plan for the release anyway: gonna get myself some oil, chocolate and whipped cream (each in a bucket) sliding around on my foil and uugghh.. the rest is up to imagination. :D


    jesus! all your stiring the pot has me unnerved as hell! haha :p
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2017
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  12. That's the precedent since the beginning of the video game console.  If competing consoles get their cycles decoupled, strange things happen.

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