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Dreams will be back NEXT MONTH AT PSX!

Discussion in 'News' started by hyperdude95, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. So happy for this news. Waited so long and looking forward to creating and playing everyone's stuff. This is like mana from heaven.
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  2. The LBP3 beta didn't require PS+ for PS4, but it was necessary to set your psn account to receive email updates because that's how the beta codes were issued.
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  3. Ok! I probably am not subscribed to email updates right now so that’s scary:omg:, But I will log in on my PSN account this weekend! Could you tell me where is this option? So I can enable emails from PlayStation? I would die if I miss the beta, HELP! haha
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  4. Hype? noooo, I'm not hyping, nooo ......... I'm just hysterical :p
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  5. haha. reminds me of old playstation home days. one day sony gives away a bunch of nice stuff for free, totally out of the blue. but not everyone received it and people were wondering what was going on. turns out they actually only gave it to people who were subscribed to the mail service PRIOR to that day. No one saw that coming of course.

    Anyway, that was the day when i signed up for it. lol
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  6. I think will get a beta reveal next month :). Or at least hope I also kinda hope we get a release date for Dreams. :) Not much longer  now till December! Just 4 weeks to go!
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  7. Its in the notification settings for your psn account, you just say yes to receive email updates. You don't have to say yes to the 3rd party option :)
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  8. For the record this video is 60 fps. So ods are good it will support psvr right from the start.

    if beta gets announced at psx, ill try to be first in line :p.

    only thing, psx doesnt seem to feature any keynote this year. Hope im wrong.
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  9. I dont think the framerate is any kind of indicator for wether or not VR will be a thing at launch. When implementing VR, you are faced with a lot more problems than just the framerate. Of course I hope you are right tho! I'd just be careful to assume any feature from something like the framerate.
    Also, the possibility of them just upgrading the footage to 60fps in post is there. to be honest i dont think this is the case; but it is a possibility.
    Now i dont wanna kill the mood here, lol. But at this point nothing is set in stone, we know more once we know more.

    (oh and since i havent said that out loud in a while: give me the damn full game already and skip the beta alltogether!!)
    unpopular opinion of the day.


    now i get HYPErdudes name :p
    hes just on a mission to infect us all with strong hype! hehe
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  10. sackchief

    sackchief Imaginative Creator

    I am willing to bet that we’ll get the VR announcement at PSX.
  11. My speculation:  Sony announces PS5 for Xmas 2018 at PSX, and Dreams is a launch title.
  12. I certainly hope you are wrong. Dreams was created & built on PS4, so I don't see it being a flagship release for a PS5.
  13. I am a VR enthusiast, and I use my Oculus Rift, every day. I don't see DREAMS as being a good candidate for VR. It's tricky to make good VR experiences, and bad VR is literally a nauseating experience. Making your own creations in Dreams will be awesome, on a flat screen. Throwing just anything someone creates into VR, is an entirely different affair.
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  14. I think the advantage of VR in a platform like Dreams in really more in creation than play.
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  15. But we really have no clue what they've been doing for the past year.  It's totally possible Sony gave them new specs to aim at in regards to performance ceiling.
  16. They hinted several times vr would be a thing

    sculpting in vr in the pinacle of artsy people so if they can reach that 60 fps requirement, no reason why they would not implement it​
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  17. I like how you refer to DREAMS as a platform. I am hopeful that it will indeed function as a platform. I want to create games/experiences, but game engines like Unreal and Unity are beyond my scope.
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  18. I doubt MM would keep using the DreamsPS4 hashtag if it wasn’t going to be a PS4 release ;)
    Also I’ve read a couple recent articles (one was Gamespot, the other was probably Push Square but I’m not sure) saying PS5 is a long way off, and won’t be launched for at least two years.
    bit of course that’s all speculation, anything could happen :p
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  19. I thought it was already confirmed. Mark H has said heaps about exploring in VR.
  20. UE4 and Unity aren't as inaccessible as you might think.  It just takes some determination to learn them.  I recently started with Maya, and making objects is more involved than in a game creation "game", but not too much more so.

    Aha, but if they were going to announce it for PS5 next month, they wouldn't very well let the cat out of the bag now by changing it. :)
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