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Dreams will be back NEXT MONTH AT PSX!

Discussion in 'News' started by hyperdude95, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. Nothing surprising to say in my post... like everyone I can't wait to hear more at PSX!!! :D
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  2. i looked at the job listings, they are looking for a server developer. the rest of the jobs up for grabs seem less related to game play:  an animator job (they don't use key frames for dreams so is more than likely cinematic stuff) a video editor, (live action stuff, seems like their starting to put the finishing touches on it) an audio programmer (probably has to do with the music making side) and a Q&A job.

    the server developer.job listing is slightly perplexing:

    what's MM big dreams announcement? if they just were doing live streams they could just do it from the comfort of their HQ. why fly all the way to  California just to stream some footage? if they don't have a  server developer is it just a closed beta? that makes the most scene, everyone better rush to Walmart, buy some plastic PS4 cards and get ready to pre-order.
  3. hey yea thats whats interesting to me as well! a while ago when things were quieter i totally got off of just watching the job offers change. I made a post about it back then, so feel free to click this link if you're interested in my thoughts on it.

    Personally I can imagine the server developer being there primarily for in-house network testing, like simulating a dreamverse... (whats the whole networking stuff on dreams gonna be called anyway?) so they can have a look at what features might be required or what kind of scale to expect.
    I dont believe the server developer is for the actual release servers, since most of those networks are bought nowadays anyway?? Huge shot in the dark from me, but thats what most, if not all, developers do, right?

    Anyway my hope is that the advertised job activities will somehow be carried out by the existing team, if no one qualified shows up in time and/or should s%#!t hit the fan.

    Im confident they will deliver top notch quality in any case.
  4. I guess I'm a bit late to the party, but theres that

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  5. Kinda makes you wonder what they've been working on all this time, then.  Also shoots my PS5 theory in the foot.... or DOES IT??? :>
  6. Audio. I think they have built an entire audio engine from scratch, incl music creation.
  7. Surely they've been working on more than audio, though.  That's some of your sound engineers and some coders, but leaves a lot of other people idle.  Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to what they've already announced.  If they've added full music creation tools on top of that, I'm there.  Although, I would say that is a bit unlikely, because there are all kinds of dedicated programs that do that, and the better ones are more expensive than the entire game will be.  Last we heard, they're planning on allowing all sorts of stuff to be imported. So, I would assume they'll let external programs do most of the heavy lifting in their individual departments rather than try to write a module for every little thing involved in game creation.
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  8. My guess is they created an audio engine, and working on the campaign. This could easily account for the time that has passed since their last batch of live streams. I think it's very likely that all audio tools are 100% unique to Dreams, as 3rd party audio stuff prob isn't compatable with the low memory requirements & revolutionary nature of the game engine Mm has created. Also, there is yet more waiting ahead of us. My prediction is: Beta: early 2018 / Game: Fall 2018 (I'm trying to be optimistic)
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  9. They had mentioned at some point that you'll be able to create your own sounds and upload them to your collections via a website.  That doesn't sound like a totally independent audio engine, but we'll see in a about a week!  I'm rooting for you to be right.
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  10. You were spot on!  It still blows me away the amount of features they're packing into this game.  I was honestly shocked when this was revealed to be true.
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  11. It's nothing short of a revolution in digital creativity. I've tried to learn UE4 & Unity, and I just can't devote the time/energy required to get proficient enough to use them as a tool to tell stories or make interactive experiences. But, Dreams? Hell, YES. Dreams will allow me to be a 1 man production studio, which is exactly how I like to work. You can't overstate to significance of what Mm are doing. Soooooooo much more than just a game. Also turns the PS4 into an affordable productivity machine. No limits! Yay!
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