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Site Challenge #5: ReDream It - The Results!

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by DreamBubble, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]

    A while ago, the community was tasked with their first ever create challenge from us at dreambubble where players re-created anything Dreams-based using other User Generated Content!

    After a difficult time judging such amazing entries, we want to share all the entrants in our challenge before revealing the winner of the contest because hands-down all of the entrants very mighty impressive!

    The Entries!

    And the winner of Create Challenge #0: ReDream It is....
    The Rocketeer by Mora (Made in SecondLife)



    Congrats again to our winner! You will contacted shortly for your main prize. :)

    As a big thank you to everyone who participated you all also get this challenge's rare site trophy!​

    Super apologies for the massive wait for getting the results to you all! We thank you greatly for your amazing patience!

    Thanks again to everyone who made this possible and to those who participated! You have definitely re-mixed Dreams at its best!​
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  2. congratulations to the winner, great entries to this competition

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  3. Sincere Congrats, Mora!​

    So... at the fear this may just sound like sour grapes can someone please explain how a picture of a rocket ship is better than the entire playable recreation of the Paris Games Week demo? It's a head scratcher, right?

    No disrespect to Mora. Seriously, Cute rocket ship. I don't want to take away from your hard work to create it. We did this out of passion for Dreams. I truly respect your entry and everyone's else's.

    i'm just incredibly suspicious of the decision.

    Again, Congrats Mora.​

  4. Looks like somebody's jealous ;)

    No, but seriously, don't discourage or put others down for not winning. All entries were fantastic! It's not often you see a fanbase for a game that isn't even in Beta yet! We should all be proud of ourselves for coming together to host contests for each other. Like you said, we have a passion for Dreams, and Media Molecule has a whole! There will be plenty of competitions to come, I'm sure. I've lost competitions in the past, ones I put MONTHS of effort into. Yes, I was angry that essentially all that work was for naught, but you shouldn't feel like that! We're here for each other, not for prizes. Also, you have that sick trophy! Only 7 people will ever have that now! It's very exclusive, so why not show that off, hey? I'm for sure jealous, as I'm a sucker for rare items in games :)

    A huge congratulations to Mora! That rocket is really cool, and the galaxy in front of it is stunning! I really look forward to what you, and lots of other people will take on sci-fi levels in Dreams!

    I was a bit too late entering this contest, but I for sure will be entering the next one!
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  5. Never did I put anyone down. I'm sure that rocket took them sometime to create. And it's cool. It won, so I'm just using it as contrast to my entry.

    Just because I believe my entry is ridiculously superior to it doesn't make it any less cool.

    Its a competition. Where entries are compared. I seriously want to know which of the judges saw my entry and said "The entire PGW Demo recreated in LBP and its playable too? That's cool, I guess but did you see that static rocket sitting on a cliff? That's AMAZING!"

    Sorry to sound facetious. But, that's how it had to go down, right?

    or are there other factors in play. Like, site activity. I've posted 13 times since October 2015.

    Where as the winner has posted 50 + times. To me, this was taken into affect. Which in the spirit of the contest should not be. But, that's the only logical explanation until I'm told other wise. As it could not be quality entry. Which should of been the criteria. Along with spirit of Dreams, which both supplied.
  6. lol its just a mini competition for a game that isn't even out of alpha calm down guys
  7. hyperdude95

    hyperdude95 Dreamer Staff Member

    Hey there. :D

    To be honest, judging this contest was not easy at all, sometimes we were hoping to find a way where everyone can win because its crazy difficult to decide. Your entry was very impressive, and so were many others! The staff had their own taste in the end, and Mora's ended up being the one that all of our tastebuds had in common. :)

  8. hyperdude95

    hyperdude95 Dreamer Staff Member

    Also, i want to point out the judging was based on, and only on, the entries given. Site activity was not taken accounted for whatsoever. :)

  9. You know, you all seem like nice people, Hyper, we've actually met and you seem like a good kid and I'm sure this wasn't an easy decision because you wanted us all to be winners. I get that.

    Taste aside, I just still can't wrap my head around how a note for note animated/ fully playable recreation of an ENTIRE stage demo gets passed over by a rocket on a cliff.

    No offense to Mora. Fine job.
  10. Well, at the end of the day, we all had fun, whether it was creating an entry, judging the entries, or waiting in anticipation for the winner. We have to respect the judges choice, no matter what their choices are. Maybe Mora's entry was just better than yours. Maybe the fact that Mora created their entry in Second Light and not in an expected game like LittleBigPlanet appealed to the judges more, and showed a unique skill in a different game, as opposed to a game were most, if not all the fans of this website have played. Maybe this fresh new idea turned the tide on your entry, I really don't know. But, it doesn't matter. Mora one. End of Site Challenge #5.
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  11. mr_krispy_kreme

    mr_krispy_kreme Donut Tastic Staff Member

    I found good qualities in every one of the creations submitted. I think everyone who submitted an entry did a wonderful job of exercising their creativity and creating ability. I want to thank everyone who participated for giving us a glimpse of your creating abilities!
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  12. mr_krispy_kreme

    mr_krispy_kreme Donut Tastic Staff Member

    I admit... I told Hyper that I didn't want to judge this competition. I really dislike having to pick someone's creation or idea as better than someone else, especially when you feel you fulfilled the qualifications better than anyone else.

    There will be chances in the future to wow us again. Your creation was not overlooked. I know you don't have the same judgment scale as the contest crew, but I assure you that we were all wowed by your creation.
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  13. Well, thanks for responding to my dribble. Not sure why I needed to be so vocal about it. And truly no disrespect to Mora. I only used his rocket for contrast. It's a well rendered rocket from Dreams.

    I think part of my displeasure came from the wait. I had a month and a half living with the belief I had won hands down. That's my own fault.

    anyways, congrats Mora. I meant no disrespect to your creation. It was about me and not that I thought your creation was any less impressive artistically.
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  14. hyperdude95

    hyperdude95 Dreamer Staff Member

    I really do apologize for the long wait, that was on our end! Hopefully the next thing we do won't have a huge delay gap. :D

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  15. Congrats to the winner, great entries all round. Happy to take part for the fun and looking forward to the next challenge.
  16. Congratulations to all the winner and runner ups!
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  17. Thanks all, and great job on all the entries. :Excited:
  18. BLAHBLAH1000

    BLAHBLAH1000 The advocate for Fuzzy

    I'm only reading this thread now, fashionably late to the party I guess :chill:

    I wish I submitted something but I honestly couldn't think of anything to make. Huge props to you all! Time-restricted competitions are hard enough and you guys made stuff for a game that isn't even out yet! Also good job to all the judges for making the difficult decision of a winner (After judging LBP levels for monthly showcases, I know how hard it can be!).

    Can't wait for the next competition! Expect me to dust off my ol' creation tools! ;)
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