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What do people like and hate about LBP3?

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by ismellrudolph, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. Just wanted to create a thread to see what people like and hate about LBP3, I alway´s hear people complain about the glitches but never really shit on the game itself and I wanted to know why?

    Personally I can´t fucking stand it, in LBP1 you were limited with tools so you had to think outside the box and be creative to come up with shit and it spawned a lot of ideas, LBP3 feels like shitty professional game design software but extremely stiff and over complicates things that should be simplistic & fun to use. The community seems too focused on eye candy and if you have the ps3 version none of those over polished levels work without lag. There´s quite a few levels I like but I dunno, the game just lacks personality that original 2 games had :(
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  2. LBP3(ps3) - My cons: Terrible online, Sumo don't give to us interesting tools. Plus'es: Long awaited 16 layers, 3 new heroes, Nice looking locations.
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  3. I can see where you´re coming from but don´t you think the 3 character are badly designed? Like you can literally do all that shit with sackboy (wall jumping, flying, size change) I think the 16 layers was neat but there should of been a choice before creating a level so you could choose how many layers you want, this would of cut out a large amount of levels that don´t make use of the back layers.
  4. Look, 3 new heroes changed community levels.
  5. BLAHBLAH1000

    BLAHBLAH1000 The advocate for Fuzzy

    I see what you mean with the hardware limiting how much we can create, but I disagree with it being a "shitty professional game development software". LBP3 may be complex for people who have never had experience with code or game design, but it is still extremely simple compared to engines like Unity and Unreal. The in-game logic stops players from ever touching a single line of code, which is good for beginners but bad for veterans. With that said, many players prefer the LBP2 create system because it doesn't have near as many bugs and glitches as LBP3.
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  6. Yea that´s a good point about the coding and I probably don´t like it because I haven´t put the time in to work it out but LBP1 feels more like when an indie studio creates something amazing with really shitty tools and LBP3 feels like when someone throws money and visual effects at a forced idea, LBP1 was just much more fun to me because you could makes something, finish it and not have to worry about the anxiety of finishing a level inside of a video game, LBP3 turns what was fun into a working project, also the more complicated something gets the harder it is to make it flow smoothly, shows like south park work soooooo well because the animation is extremely quick to do and change if something goes wrong meaning ALL of the energy is going into good ideas and delivery of the jokes instead of wasting time on the less important more complicated stuff, this is obs just my opinion and I don´t think that complicated stuff shouldn´t be tried, I think the problem for me is more that they took something uncomplicated and poorly tried to turn it into something overly complicated and it turned out to be a mess.
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  7. If a game that advertises itself on multiplayer can't even keep me in someone else's pod for five minutes, there's obviously a huge problem.
    Not only that, but as mentioned above LBP1 and LBP2 just felt a lot nicer. LBP3 feels more like it was farted out for the sole purpose of making a quick buck of a recognizable franchise. LBP2 had a huge lifetime with millions of players, LBP3's Team Picks barely get over the 10k mark and it's only one year old.
    Though one thing I will give the game credit for is that it brought back the hand-crafted look and style of LBP1 which was something I missed in LBP2, but it doesn't feel anywhere near as authentic or fun.

    Here's why I think it all went wrong.
    1. Rushed out for Christmas.
    2. Being released on PS3, a now outdated console.
    3. Sumo Digital are not experienced with this kind of game.
  8. LVL-58

    LVL-58 Heavy Dreamer

    I know that this post hasn't been used in a year, but I think I can offer a unique perspective on this.

    As a game designer myself, I started using LBP2 in college as a way to simply take a game concept to the test level a lot more quickly than you would spending the time coding it in an engine.

    For the most part LBP3 was an extention of that, rather it was supposed to be. Ive run into quite the issues continuing work from LBP2 to LBP3 on PS3, due to the fact that ALL ofbthe logic for me no matter what I make, causes a load screen. This goes for using microchips to place logic bits, create a wire from that logic bit, connecting it tobanotherblogic bit, etc. It quite literally seemed every few seconds i would get thrown into a load screen. So while making objects on lbp3 for PS3 was a bit faster, everything else wS met with a load wall.

    This also carries over into saving ablevel for me. The first time I tried to save a level I had to wait three days for the saving icon to go away while the level was paused in create mode. With the latest update this has been reduced from anywhere between 20 minutes to several hours. This issue is present on both PS3 and PS4 for me. So needless to say, because of this I do not use it as frequently as I used to.

    As for what I like about LBP3, the features being moves from Vita were very cool, as they did not give us any new tools just made tutorials like it was their own work. The amount of layers was fine, but being a sprite artist. Using the 'position in layer' function is MUCH more efficient. With it you can essentially make an entire retro inspired level/game in a single layer with 20 positions for materials in the same layer. Quite handy for designing with sticker panel I find.

    This is about all I enjoy aboutbthe game. Sure the new areas/materials are interesting, but nothing new. Just something expected as a natural progression in the game series.

    With Dreams on the horizon, Im going to be moving a few projects over to it deom LBP2/3.

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