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What Will Replace the Crown?

Discussion in 'Dreams Discussion' started by WaffleGod345, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. On Media Molecule's website > in the job application section > under  community manager (wow that's a mouthful without the arrows) it has this under the duties:
        "Create engaging and exciting written and visual content, and execute initiatives such as community meet ups; competitions; live streams and much more"

    So that got me thinking... We're gonna have contests. And those contests will very likely have Mm awarded DLC. There's no sackboy to sport a shiny crown, and the imp sounds like it can be completely remade into anything. (I might make mine sackboy wearing mgs4 pack costume :p), so if that's the case, I doubt it will be customization for the imp.

    So what'll it be? Whatcha think guys?
  2. a sense of pride and accomplishment
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  3. BLAHBLAH1000

    BLAHBLAH1000 The advocate for Fuzzy

    I honestly hope there's nothing exclusive like a crown in Dreams. It ultimately leads to jealous and frustrated people. I'd much rather have physical prizes and another "Mm picks" list.
    *Says person who doesn't have crown*
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  4. The crown was always more of a goal for me. I never really got jealous of other people having it, I was instead happy for them. I think it could motivate people to improve.
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  5. im thinking more towards the direction of exclusive UI Elements. Like a golden Ring around a players badge, or a cool looking premade background for maps.
    This way when i see a player badge or map, i could tell right away that they made something awesome.

    when you as player now have control to make every 3d object out of nothing, it would have to be a reward which cannot be replicated as easily, say UI elements
  6. I like the sense of competition that a crown offer to the community, but in dreams I feel that only one prize would be too limited
        I mean, unlike LBP which had only 2D platform levels and some other genres (like, 5% of the community), Dreams is much more robust (in every single sense).
         I think they could implement a lot of different contest specifically for animations, for racing games, for platform games, for sculpture, music, etc
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018
  7. sackchief

    sackchief Imaginative Creator

    I feel like it can’t just be an object because in Dreams you can basically make anything and share it.  Maybe it’s something you can’t make yourself.
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  8. I really like the idea of a UI element. Maybe custom themes for you "popit" or even something on your profile to show the world.
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