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world building stream this friday

Discussion in 'News' started by thundersmash789, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. If this is anything like the '3 Cities in 1 hour' stream, it will be something I surely need to watch,
  2. BLAHBLAH1000

    BLAHBLAH1000 The advocate for Fuzzy

    I'm glad to see these streams coming back. Of course they'll be people in the twitch chat spamming frequently asked questions (eg. wenz da bayta), but hopefully some important things get addressed or shown off.
    ChefGino likes this.
  3. Thanks for the info.
  4. Servilleta

    Servilleta nuke me slowly

    Watched it, really cool. The amount of tools and features is amazing.
  5. BLAHBLAH1000

    BLAHBLAH1000 The advocate for Fuzzy

    Wasn't able to see it live but really enjoyed the new features that were shown. I'm exited for the future tutorial-based streams which will really highlight specific categories of tools and their potential. Exited for their stream next month which will finally show off some logic!
    Lbphart3 likes this.
  6. Loved the stream they showed yesterday can't wait for next month! :)

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