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Yes -- 'You Can Do These Things In Dreams' Round Up!

Discussion in 'News' started by hyperdude95, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. hyperdude95

    hyperdude95 Dreamer Staff Member

    During the past couple weeks it has been a major storm of news about Dreams since it was re-revealed at the Playstation Experience! But little did we know, more and more tidbits were released onto the wild on Twitter thanks for a few Media Molecule folks, mainly Alex Evans! Many of us asked "Can we do this" and most of the answers were "Yes we can"!

    Below is a round up (to the best of my ability) of the exciting Q and A moments that took part on twitter and there are still more to come!


    • DLC for Dreams will be a thing but it will depends on how people use the game. [LINK]

    • There are current plans where you can print out your creations from Dreams onto a 3D printer! [LINK]
    • In regards to exporting videos to PC - They are relying on platform features like share button, streaming, video record, share factory, etc for video export! [LINK]
    • Regarding PlayStation 4 Pro support - Yes it supports Pro! Dreams will support 4k output or 'arcade mode' (higher frame rate) at 1080p, it's a similar improvement to almost all Playstation games. However you can do everything on a regular Playstation 4! [LINK] [LINK]
    • Regarding Frame Rate in Dreams - Dreams go to 60FPS if it can, for a lot of big arty levels we target 30. Playstation 4 Pro increases the number of levels that make it to 60! Locking FPS at 30 may be added in at a later date. [LINK]
    • Regarding the control scheme of controlling the imp: With the Dualshock 4, the depth is automatic when grabbing. When creating it depends on your guides, eg surface snap on or off. Left stick pulls and pushes in depth. Feels nice! [LINK]

    • Regarding amount of people you can play with -  The story in Dreams can be played by up to two players max online and couch co-op. However, the maximum numbers of players that can play a dream made by yourself or the community can be up to 4 players couch co-op or online! Online with be post-launch. [LINK]
    • Regarding Scoreboards - They will probably be out with the multiplayer update, but you can make your own with the built-in level scoring hud tools in create. [LINK]


    • Regarding file-sizes for creating your Dreams - Dreams are tiny (a few megs max), can be saved online, and each game is only allowed 1gb save data anyway (system software rules). So dreams will not fill your hard drive. [LINK]
    • Regarding connecting dreams seamlessly - You are able to seamlessly connect other dreams with subtle loading times. The next level is streamed as you play, so the load time can be instant. (Example given in the question: If you build a map with a cave, you can enter and exit that cave freely.) [LINK] [LINK]
    • Regarding saving data in a Dream - You can save progress within a map, so you can unlock stages and come back to it. we dont currently store progress within levels. [LINK]
    • There is no height limit while creating a Dream, the thermometer is about complexity - not size!
    • Your Dream can be fully localized including voice overs, the language the PS4 is in will trigger the right version! [LINK]
    • You can have multiple stories be interwoven. The autosurf feature takes 3 (i think) community maps and interleaves their levels but preserves their order. [LINK]

    User Interface:

    • You can configure where you want the UI Palette to go. For Dualshock 4 it defaults top, for two handed move it goes on your secondary hand. [LINK]
    • All the tools in the UI Palette will be titled eventually [LINK].
    • You can easily create UI such as a pause menu, health bars, etc. It may also get easier! [LINK]


    • You can decide how much damage a weapon does, if a character's health should regenerate or not, as well as create Ammo and pickups too! [LINK]
    • You can make your own turn-based game in Dreams. [LINK]
    • You can go back & forth between dream levels. So say you get a key in dream 2 that unlocks a door that was in dream 1, you can go back and unlock it. [LINK]
    • You can make spherical gameplay by turning gravity off and using some Gadgets to emulate it. [LINK]
    • You can make First Person view kinds of creation by just sticking a camera to a character. [LINK]
    • With a bit of trickery you can make a true 2D game like Megaman or Super Mario Bros. [LINK]

    • To input audio you can use any mic supported by the Playstation 4. You can also use 'second screen' (phone, tablet, laptop,...) to import sound via a web app. [LINK]
    • You can import audio via a webapp where you use webaudio to record from a mic live or drag drop any audio file your browser supports. from there you can trim, crop, normalize, fade, prepare to taste". [LINK]
    • It is possible to use the music creation tools with the PS move controllers or with another player so you can jam together. [LINK]
    • You can change the temp of the music with keyframes and animate it. Can also use the same technique to adjust player movement speed, health and more. - [LINK] [LINK]
    • You could animate a character to swim manually using logic. so possible but not for beginner creators. [LINK]
    • Dreams has the option where you can use skeleton and rigs to animate your characters. [LINK]
    • You can pose things such as characters and animate that way. [LINK]


    • Whether we can make completely two dimensional sprites to sticker panel in LittleBigPlanet 3 - Yes we can. One way is to turn off the sun and make the sky a flat colour which will cause any flat object to appear 'unlit' (uniformly lit). There are also full screen pixilization and posterizing effects to use as well. [LINK]
    • We can change the skybox's textures by how much it boils and how smooth it is as well as its color. [LINK]
    • You can make your own water using the brush tool and gadgets but there is no 'real water' built in. [LINK]
    • You can use multiple coloured lights and each one can be set to shine through one of a few preset patterns to make the effect of stain glass. [LINK]
    • Dreams is all internally linear hdr and gives you exposure control which you could automate. [LINK]
    • You can change the fog in Dreams through its setting. The render distance is good as well. [LINK]
    • Whether or not you can import images - You can not import images, at least not at first release. [LINK]
    • You can not make reflective glass at the moment, however you may be able to make something transparent to fake it. Regular glass is planned though! [LINK] [LINK]
    • There is metal and chrome material that reflects lights nicely! [LINK]
    • With a bit of time, you can create complex humans and humanoids accurately. [LINK]

    • Regarding if there is some kind of platform within the game to communicate with others while creating - there are great tools for quickly blocking out a script/'storyboard'.  Story persona is planned but not in the current build. [LINK]

    • Regarding updating your dreams when they are published -  You will get a notification the next time you go into your level in edit mode, with a tool called the 'update tool'. Every dream remembers a complete set of versions that were published so you can also go back to older versions. [LINK]
    • Regarding if we can add an Age Gate to our Dreams - It's been discussed but not decided yet as it impacts lots of things that aren't directly under their control. [LINK]
    • Ownership of Copyright material is still being finalized! [LINK]
    • If the creator allows, you can view their dream in edit mode to see how it was made. [LINK]

    • Regarding Data-Transfer between Different Dreams - at the moment you can transfer progress in the form of an inventory that is saved, plus up to 8 values cabled through the door. [LINK]
    • Wires can carry up to 8 values down a single wire. so a full position, rotation & scale; colours, whatever you want. you can split & join such 'fat wires' too." [LINK]
    • You can connect wires directly to *any* tweakable value; A single wire can carry 'complex' values like a colour. [LINK]
    • You can have input change the scale of a creation in play mode. Can also use the animation tools as well to capture the scaling too. [LINK]
    • You can send wireless signals with transmitters and receivers [LINK].
    • There are emitters so you can spawn whatever you like. [LINK]
    • You can use followers and record paths. [LINK]
    • You can make characters climb with a climbing system with gadgets. [LINK]

    • There is a fish-eye lens effect. [LINK]
    • The cameras have accurate focal lengths - like could you set a camera to be a 50mm and have the depth of field match an actual 50mm lens. [LINK]
    • Dreams has a Photo Mode! [LINK]
    • Rope physics are possible in Dreams! There is also chain Physics too! [LINK]
    •   With the stretch tool you can change the volume of something but maintain its ratio. Stretch tool can be used on anything to make creation looks wobbly and stretchy! [LINK]
    • With the brush tool, there is a Tilt Brush-esque system in Dreams. [LINK]
    • You can paint/sculpt material as a texture to anything you want for instance a wall. [LINK]
    • Using brush strokes you can make water effects extremely believable. [LINK]
    • Using brush strokes you can make water transparent as well. [LINK]
    Character Creation:

    • In regards to making quadrupeds - They didnt plan to support it directly but it turns out people have been able to make pretty cool ones in test already! - [LINK]

    "Would Love To - Maybe One Day!"
    • Regarding if you can make your own MMO in Dreams - Such a server is possible and it would work! They are not working on a MMO server at the moment. but definitely could do one day! [LINK]
    • Regarding if there are broadcasts mircochips like in LittleBigPlanet 3 - Not currently, but it is on the list! [LINK]
    • Regarding if you can plug your instruments in your Playstation to make music in Dreams - There's secret support for any midi instrument via OSC, however it was just as a hobby and may not make it into final. It's possible to use your PC keyboard as a piano too, but again its experimental. [LINK]

    Last edited: Dec 20, 2017
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  2. Yes!

    Awesome Post to round up all the little bits of information we might missed on twitter.

    Quick question, what exactly did a broadcaster do? I have a feeling for what it might do which is... well, broadcast a signal. What could that be used for?
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  3. hyperdude95

    hyperdude95 Dreamer Staff Member

    Thanks for the kind words!

    Basically the broadcast chip is a special mircochip where all the logic inside of it can be wirelessely copied and attached to other objects within its range, tag color on an on object and more.  So if i want to make snow, I can take one tiny white snowflake i created usually we would place a regular chip on it with logic to make it move downwards and slowly.

    Since we are going to need like 50 more small white circles to make it look like its snowing, instead of placing that microchip like 50 times, we can take one broadcast chip and place the logic for one snowflake in there and tell it to wirelessly attach this piece of logic to all the snowflakes that's within its range or has a certain tag etc. :)

    Hope that helps!

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  4. It copies that original microchip onto other objects within range.
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  5. hyperdude95

    hyperdude95 Dreamer Staff Member

    Wow. This beats my long boring explanation!

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  6. lol. thanks to both of you! :D
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  7. This is huge, I really hope they allow you to view all story levels in create mode. Could be used in correlation with the create mode tutorials to get new creators off the ground much faster.
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  8. Sirrandomm

    Sirrandomm Mediamolecule Fan

    Thanks for this post. This game seems groundbreaking. It seems almost too good to be true. The focus on freedom for creators, and the amount of control creators seem to have over creation and what happens to their creations seems revolutionary. This seems far from LittleBigPlanet, in which players had the ability to create but not the same controls and ability to create.
      Overall with these tools the game seems like this takes a similar spirit to LittleBigPlanet 2 where it is possible to create games. Each of the three stories displayed in the trailer highlight this. This doesn't just seem like a game with user generated content. This seems like unlimited potential in a box. One could easily create fully fleshed out games with very many play styles and aesthetic styles.
       If this game delivers, it will be a groundbreaking event in the industry. No game has been this limitless. Hopefully Dreams is highly adopted, and has a large playerbase.
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  9. hyperdude95

    hyperdude95 Dreamer Staff Member

    This piece of information was actually based on the feature of being able to remix peoples' creation if given permission too!


    It's insane, right? If anything they can always add features after launch too so if its missing someone it will probably get it further out. :D

  10. So alex confirmed new things, one of which i was actually thinking about while laying in bed yesterday.

    Can we output sound to the dualshock speaker?
    Answer: see topic title. aka: YES!

    As well as use the vibration and gyroscopes. He mentions the touchpad not being mappable at the moment, but they use it in editing so its there in theory.
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  11. Bonnell7

    Bonnell7 General Admiral

    Stretch tool huh? Interesting considering the type of render engine described in early tech demos.
    I wanna know if it's just visual deformation... or physical deformation.
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  12. hi,
    whilst trawling through the dozens of videos, in various places, the Twitch streams, the Periscope streams etc i saw, one of the presenters click a menu button accidentally and quickly turn it off, calling it the sprite button (i think) has anyone else come across this, for the life of me i cant find it any more, and more importantly any guess as to what it does?
  13. If its really just called the sprite button, my assumption would be that you can create sprites with it.
    thats 2D graphics in a 3D environment.

    I imagine it to be pretty much like the normal brushstroke tool, except you are locked in on the x and y axes. you know, as if painting on a canvas, only without the canvas.. if that makes sense. thats again just my assumption only!
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  14. Thanks that makes sense
  15. QuietlyWrong

    QuietlyWrong Waiting for sleep

    It may also be something experimental that doesn't work well and won't end up in the final build of the game - hence the reluctance to show it.

    Or it may send out a request for lemonade.
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  16. Lol, at least that would quench my thirst:).
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  17. I was going back through the old streams, and at some point Alex covers collision.  The collision meshes are nearly identical to the object distance fields, so any deformation of form should also deform collision.  Not sure if mesh is the right term in this instance, given the circumstance.   But even if they have dialed this back a bit, the collision "meshes" were ridiculously accurate.
  18. This is a very nice round up of info. I've been recently binge watching all of MM Dreams Livestreams and videos to try and find out all the things that are possible in Dreams, then someone linked me to this via Twitter. This is perfect. Any chance I can use this list and base a Dreams YouTube video off of it? Currently making Dreams content on YouTube.
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